AERO LAP® is characterised by Multi Cone - the polishing material - and with which mirror finishing is performed by sliding the polishing material over the surface.

Small-size AERO LAP machine

  • YT-100
  • Machine size : W470×H1,300×D650
  • Max. workpiece size : φ150×H80
  • Power : 100V
  • Air : 0.5Mpa~0.8Mpa

Standard-size AERO LAP machine

  • YT-300
  • Machine size : W570×H1,600×D900
  • Max. workpiece size : φ300×H150
  • Power : 200V three-phase
  • Air : 0.5Mpa~0.8Mpa

Large-size AERO LAP machine

  • YT-300H
  • Machine size : W617×H1,580×D1,030
  • Max. workpiece size : φ350×H200
  • Power : 200V three-phase
  • Air : 0.5Mpa~0.8Mpa

- Effective for what? -

  • By applying the final finish or mirror finish to a die, trouble such as cracking, breaking, or chipping of the die can be prevented and the friction coefficient decreased; therefore, the service life is extended.
  • A workpiece with an irregular shape, which is usually difficult to polish, can be polished.
  • By applying the AERO LAP finish to the surface of the cutting tool (such as an end mill, a tip, or a hob cutter) or float grooves or chip grooves, the frictional resistance is decreased. As a result of decreasing the frictional resistance, any chips are discharged smoothly and breakage of the tool occurs less frequently. Besides, blade edge chipping hardly occurs at the start of use and the service life is extended.
  • Removal of fine scratches or burrs on plastics and glass. Improvement of surface transparency.
  • Improvement in the coating and adhesion force of plating. As the surface is smoothed by removing any droplets on the coating, the sliding ability and release ability improve.
  • By applying AERO LAP before and after nitriding, lapping is possible without removing the nitride layer. When processing combined with a PVD coating is implemented, removal of a compound layer by nitriding is easy, and it can also be used for intermediate processing.
  • Maintenance and reuse of dies are possible.

Photographs of products polished by the AERO LAP processing technology (Two items at the Left), Photograph of a product having a complicated shape (Right)

What is Multi Cone - a polishing material?

Abrasive diamond grains are impregnated into a food that is used as the core, and after kneading the coating is applied. Then water (multi-liquid) is added. Thereby, creating elasticity. As a result, the polishing material (Multi Cone) finally exerts its power.The key feature of the polishing material (Multi Cone) is that it can be reused several times, and the size and shape of the item being polished scarcely changes, and the process does not require special skill.

The *AERO LAP® technology that received the highest level of “Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award” (awarded for manufacturing technology) and the main “Hatsumei Taisho” (invention award) prize.

*”AERO LAP® YT-300” and “AERO LAP® YT-300H” qualify for the “Seisansei Kojo Setsubi Toshi Sokushin Zeisei” (special tax system promoting investment in facilities that improve productivity).